Thursday, January 22, 2009


So, this is my blog. I've spent time writing before, in journals, on the internet, and in the margins of thought provoking books. I have little courage as a human though, and to allow my raw thoughts to be accessible in this manner is troublesome. Consequently, every sentence I record will be conceived with the utmost care, in hopes of not revealing too much of who I am, and every word carefully formulated to conceal what inhabits my insides. I don't expect anyone to be capable of fully relating to anything I produce here. This is not a plea for sympathy, nor do I hope for the comfort of finding a reader who could comprehend, or much less relate to, the notions that filter through the infinite tracks of my presumably impenetrable mind. I have full knowledge of how fruitless it will be to record these ideas, or rather ramblings, but choose to carry on with it none-the-less. So, we are left with this: Writings in which the only substance or value lies within the shallow impression that my facade of thoughts will leave on your frontal lobe, and the gratification I receive by ridding my mind of said thoughts.

I wish you luck in reading, as I'm sure every word of it will defile your mind.