Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I had an awful dream last night.
My brother was taking his dog Desmond for a walk, it was snowing outside, and a mysterious person rolled around a corner driving my brothers truck, only to slowly and painfully run over the dog. Now, in this dream it made complete sense for this to happen and for whatever reason, my dream-self thought, "oh, he's fine, this happens all the time". Then the sky turned dark, and I approached Desmond's writhing body, realizing something was wrong. I began to find pieces of his entrails scattered around his body. I broke down. I woke up. Still stuck in the fantasy of my dream, I began breathing heavily and was so distraught for Desmond. I was convinced for a minute that what I dreamed had really happened.

I hate those nights.

and to top it off, she got a ticket, and my parents think I'm a chain-smoker.